Web hosting for companies and businesses

Not any hidden charge, Choose your pricing plan We have differe type of pricing table to choose with your need with resonable price.

Standard plan

+ Domain Name
+ 3 Year Unlimited Hosting
+ Website Design (From 2 Design)
+ Admin panel Website
+ Online Live Support

$160.00 USD
Každe 3 roky
$5.00 Instalační poplatek
Expert plan

Domain in the name of your company
+ 1 year hosting
+ unlimited bandwidth
+ technical support + 3 emails

$67.00 USD
$4.00 Instalační poplatek
Relluxe plan

300 GB private space
+ phone support
+ server control panel
+ unlimited emails
+ private RAM

$500.00 USD
$10.00 Instalační poplatek
Email Package

Ram especially
private identification number
Unlimited emails